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Added by 3 of our members. For countless millennia, the dwarves of the Fifthling Kingdom have defended the stone gateway into Girdlegard.

Many and varied foes have hurled themselves against the portal and died attempting to breach it. No man or beast has ever succeeded. Until now Abandoned as a child, Tungdil the blacksmith labours contentedly in the land of Ionandar, the only dwarf in a kingdom of men. Although he does not want for friends, Tungdil is very much aware that he is alone?

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But all that is about to change. In the second book, Tungdil and Co. Oh, not forgetting the treacherous thirdlings, who are out to take the Dwarven Kingdoms back for themselves. Keenfire, however, is lost.

The Dwarves (book review)

Tungdil, helped by familiar faces Furgas, Rodario and Narmora; are forced to pull up trumps again. The third book follows the peoples of Girdlegard as they face an invasion of magical creature-machine hybrids. Orcs have been spotted in the caves bordering Girdlegard, whom should have been destroyed.

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Poor old Tungdil is called on again to save his people; but five years have passed, and Tungdil is now a drunken wreck. The final book is another few hundred years on Dwarven lives are long , and an evil looking Tungdil returns from the Black Abyss. Dragons and magicians control huge swathes of the land. The plot follows on well from book to book, really giving you a sense of wanting to get your hands on the next book.

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The second, third and fourth books seem to work together really well as a trilogy, making the first book feel a bit like a prequel. Perhaps slightly. The atmosphere builds throughout the piece, and the question of whether it was the real Tungdil or not really begins to get to you; you really really want to know by the end of it.

The final confrontation is brilliant, and really brings it all together. The characters in the books are fairly standard for a fantasy novel. The problem with them is that they seem to lack emotion.

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Of course, they show emotion in relevant places, like with the death of a close ally and yes, a few do get popped off or when Tungdil returns, but not many of the characters have emotion pervade throughout the quadruplet. Sooo then.

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These books are worth reading, yes. A rating then?

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Yes, pick these books up. Something half as good as Tolkien would be 0. Half as good again would be 1.

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