Submarines Versus U-boats

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Control room. The gyro compass, steering control shaft, engine telegraphs and voice pipes are visible. Electric control room. Electric control room, looking aft to port.

Aft torpedo room. Engine room, looking forward on starboard side. Electric control room, looking forward.

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Hydroplane gear, depth and fuel gauges are visible. Mess table and lockers. Third compartment, crew's lockers.

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Forward torpedo room. The four torpedo tubes. Torpedo room looking aft. The beam for lifting torpedoes into place is overhead.

Electric control room, looking aft to motor room and stern torpedo room. Number 6 compartment with sleeping berths. Number 5 compartment, starboard side. Crew space. Diesel engine room. Share this story. Curation: Alex Q. The visual history of mass weddings, since While many men made it off, a number of those in the water around the ship were killed or later drowned after at least two depth charges on the ship detonated as it sank.

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  • The escort commander sent two destroyers to investigate. With a smooth sea and little wind, they were able to spot the James' sailors just before 6 a. The destroyers' crews used cargo nets, Jacob's Ladders, life rings, and lines to pull survivors, many covered in oil, out of the water. Rescue operations were over by 8 a. US merchant ships had already been sunk in the Atlantic, and in mid-October, another US destroyer was hit by a torpedo but made it to Iceland. The U-boat was critically damaged and sunk off the coast of Ireland.

    Submarine Attacks

    AP Photo. Germany was unapologetic , saying US ships were escorting British ships in a war zone and had fired on German vessels before. The US didn't declare war, but the sinking drew the US further into the conflict in Europe, which was already more than two years old. About two weeks later, under pressure from the president, Congress further amended the Neutrality Acts passed in the s, revising them to allow US merchant ships to be armed and to sail into war zones. Three days later, Germany declared war on the US. The James was stricken from the Navy's official register on March 25, The U continued the fight.

    It joined U-boats that preyed on US ships along the East Coast in but was later transferred to waters closer to Europe. The U's success waned, as did that of the rest of the U-boat force, as the Allies improved their convoy and anti-submarine tactics and invaded Europe, recapturing ports. In early May — days before the surviving Nazi leadership surrendered in Berlin — the U was scuttled in waters off the North Sea. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

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    Germans unleash U-boats - HISTORY

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