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We understand how important a straight, beautiful smile is, which is why we offer state-of-the-art appliances and revolutionary services, such as:. Invisalign straightens your teeth using a series of clear, customized removable appliances called aligners.

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The aligners are comfortable to wear and removable. Damon self-ligating braces feature light, high-technology wires, which move teeth faster. Treatment with Damon braces is more comfortable and fewer appointments are required. Our patients and parents love Damon braces! The results are simply outstanding. We use the iTero digital impression system, by Align Technology. Our digital impression system replaces the uncomfortable, unpleasant-tasting, messy and sometimes inaccurate traditional putty impressions.

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Using a digital scanner, we will take three-dimensional 3-D digital images, or impressions, of your teeth and bite. These impressions will help us formulate a personalized treatment plan that meets your specific orthodontic needs and desires. At Rambo Orthodontics, not only do we provide innovative procedures, we do it with a smile! We want you to have a pleasant experience at each visit and look forward to your next appointment. Thank you for visiting our website!

If you have any questions about our practice, please contact us. My experience with Dr. Rambo was far better than I ever could have anticipated. Because of prior tooth loss and periodontal issues, my once perfect smile had changed and my teeth shifted. From the very first visit until completion was experience with Dr. She started with Kast Orthodontics in and has been in the orthodontic field for over 25 years. Barb has been with us for over 5 years.

She handles all of our Human Resources needs and is a great resource for logistical information. We are always happy to recommend Dr. Kast to others. He and his staff are friendly, professional and really easy to work with.

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Both our kids have been patients of his, and neither one has ever minded going to the orthodontist. In fact, they actually like to go because they think the staff is so nice and his new office is awesome. I have four children that have had or are currently having orthodontic work done by Dr.

Two of my sons have finished with their braces and are very happy with the results. Both their general dentist and oral surgeon commented on what an excellent job was done on straightening their teeth. We like the office atmosphere, which is very comfortable and caring.

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I have been very surprised and pleased by my experience with Invisalign. I have to talk all day, every day in my line of work, and I was concerned about speech problems, pain, etc. However, there is no reliable research evidence to support the prophylactic removal of disease-free impacted third molars. Indeed, numerous studies found no correlation between lower third molars and lower incisor crowding considering subjects with unerupted, absent, or extracted third molars.

A Cochrane systematic review issued in [ 4 ] found no evidence for accepting or refuting prophylactic extraction of third molars in adults and adolescents to prevent later incisor crowding. Other factors besides M3 eruption have been associated with lower incisor crowding and relapse anterior growth, mesial migration of posterior teeth, lack of attrition anterior occlusal forces, poor periodontal status, the soft tissue pressure, the position of the opposite teeth, etc.

Thus, orthodontic retention may be more effective and cost-efficient than extraction of wisdom teeth, at least in the short to medium term [ 8 ].

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This finding was supported by another systematic review published in [ 9 ]. The authors argued that definitive conclusions on the role of the third molars in the development of anterior tooth crowding could not be drawn. They found a high risk of bias in most of the trials, but studies have not supported a cause-and-effect relationship. In addition, Pirttiniemi et al. In this respect, orthodontists should not indicate M3 removal; otherwise its responsibility will be engaged.

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  3. Anthropologists in the field.
  4. In the light of the current evidence, the presence of third molars has no significant effect, and extraction to prevent anterior tooth crowding or post-orthodontic relapse is not supported. This study involved 78 patients. The inclusion criteria were age over eight years and germs of wisdom teeth present and visible radiographically, with or without extractions of the premolars or the first molars. Exclusion criteria included wisdom teeth in the arch, invisible tooth germs on the panoramic radiograph by agenesis, extraction, etc.

    The analysis parameters were taken from clinical examination, dental casts, panoramic radiographs, and radiograph profiles. Radiographs of the first consultation T1 were renewed two years later T2. The measurements were made on a layer attached to the film.

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    A single operator has made cephalometric tracings possible. Measurements on the panoramic radiograph were fig 1. The occlusal plane OP : Line joining the top of the uppermost of the first premolar cusp in the absence of the second premolar and the summit of the mesial cusp of the second molar M2 ;. On the lateral cephalometric radiograph, the right profile was studied, the Frankfurt plane must be horizontaly oriented fig. For bilateral structures, only structures left less distorted were retained.

    The measures were:. At mandible, the retro-molar space available for M3: Distance between Xi central ramus and the most distal point of the crown of lower M2 Xi-M2i ;.

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    At maxilla, the distance M1-PTV between the most distal point of the first molar M1 and the pterygoid vertical plane vertical line tangent to the posterior edge of the pterygomaxillary slot fig. The expansion of dental panoramic was calculated by comparing the mesio-distal diameter of M1 or M2i on casts to that measured on the panoramic.

    All these measures undertaken between T1 and T2 were compared: Qualitative variables were analysed with the McNemar test and quantitative variables paired data with the Student test t. The SPSS T : time; n : number; t : value of Student test; df : degree of freedom; p : significance level; NS : nonsignificant. Maxillary right ERM increased on average 4. For each hemi-arch, the gain of the MRA was 1. Retromolar space variation for each hemi-arch in case of non-extraction and of PM or M1 extraction. When this initial ratio was greater than 1, it increased in T2, and when it was less than 1, it decreased in T2 Table II. In the maxilla, the distance PTV-M1 increased from It was observed that 2.