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After all, he had the money. The job of analyzing the trial fell to Ahlgren. During his career he had defended people like Hauptmann, who were too poor to pay for their defense. When he went through the record, Ahlgren was appalled by what he found. Although at the time of his arrest there was no further evidence linking Hauptmann to the murder, the police decided that he was the killer. The trial was a media circus. Reilly often showed up for trial with a hangover. The defense had almost no money for expert witnesses and no access to police records, both of which would be standard practice today.

Throughout the proceedings, Lindbergh sat at the prosecution table with a holstered pistol under his arm. One, who had just been fired from his job for stealing company funds, had been unable to identify Hauptmann in a photographic lineup and misdescribed his car prior to the trial. Another was 87 years old and partially blind. The third testified that he had seen Hauptmann lurking about Hopewell on two separate occasions and that he had reported this to the police.

Later he admitted to Hoffmann that his testimony was due in part to a desire to share in the reward money. In retrospect, Ahlgren identified nine factors of evidence that ultimately sent Hauptmann to the electric chair. The most important may have been the money. If the defense had admitted his involvement in the extortion attempt, they would have eliminated most of the testimony against him. Instead they had all these witnesses who made Hauptmann look like a liar about the money. Bruno Richard Hauptmann was executed on April 3, Even if Hauptmann was innocent, was Lindbergh cold enough to let another man die in the electric chair?

The authors think he was. What they needed was an eyewitness who could place Lindbergh in Hopewell early in the evening on March 1, They began to hunt for Ben Lupica. In Lupica was a Princeton Academy high school student living near Hopewell. A few hours before the kidnapping, he was passed by a man on the road with a ladder in his car. The prosecution never called him as a witness.

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Ahlgren was troubled. But where to find him? No Ben Lupicas were listed in the phone book, and Princeton Academy no longer existed. Ahlgren wondered if Princeton Academy could have been a prep school for Princeton University? It was a long shot that paid off. Ben Lupica was now a retired chemist still alive in upstate New York.

Charles Lindbergh

Despite the dozens of books and articles written about the case, no one had interviewed him since the trial. Through his wife, he agreed to meet with them. He was retrieving the mail when an oncoming car with New Jersey plates pulled over to its left on the narrow dirt road to pass him.

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The lone driver was wearing a fedora. The other car with a distinctive grille and no hood ornament was a Franklin, the same car Lindbergh drove. Not all the reactions were positive. Reeve Lindbergh, a year-old writer living in northern Vermont, thought the book was a cruel attack on her parents. Geoffrey C. In the meantime, Ahlgren and Monier have received letters and calls from the descendants of domestic help and bluecollar workers from around Hopewell. Most, like the daughter of an airplane mechanic, claim that their parents had told them over the years that Lindbergh was somehow involved in the death of his son.

Lindbergh did it. They know the case may never be resolved. There are just too many unanswered questions. Ahlgren believes they could get an indictment against Lindbergh based on their research. Still, both have come to look at their own roles in the criminal justice system in a new light. I realized that the last chapter on a public figure is never fully complete.

Eventually, Lindbergh would retrieve the baby, laughing at his cruel joke. But the last time was the death of the baby. When he went to get the baby, the baby was in a coma close to death, apparently having suffocated. This documentation should still be available somewhere. Many people believed Lindbergh was quite capable of killing his son because of the type of man he was. I happened to get a box of Adm Byrd stored and sealed for 50 years. Inside was many telegrams from FDR. The way to break the code was on back. At the time Lindberg was a communist, FDR did want him as president. There is a letter from Lindberg in this box.

He said he was dishearted and wasnt going to run after all. He and wife moved in there for a few months. Now why? The WH is the safest place to be. In the pictures, there were hundreds in the box, there is a picture of a hotel room, there is what looks like blood all over the floor. There is something that appears to be a diaper.

This was kept from the public this entire time.

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And I believe the govt at the time was involved to keep Lindberg from running for president because at the time he was the darling of America. There is some very strange things in box. In the film clips of Chas. Lindberg and his wife, Anne Morrow. They were too cool, stressed and reserve. His widow tried to clear his name for the rest of her life. I have been interested in the Lindbergh Kidnapping for years. This was a fortune in What does Hauptman do? He turns it down! Think about it.

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  8. This theory makes no sense. No parent, no matter how much of a practical joker they are, ever wakes a sleeping baby. Especially one who is ill. Notice the time! Kidnapping was a big crime back then. People were desperate for money and they knew the Lindberghs had it. Much more logical to follow the money.

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    I am a forensic document examiner with 44 years of experience in the subject of questioned documents. For me the nucleus of this case were the l5 ransom notes what included correct spelling of 65 words taken from the Renaissance period and were mistakenly accepted as poor spelling and that was only the beginning. She was so frightened that she left the state that night in disguise. Albert Osborn, the dean of questioned documents, never mentioned this very important aspect. Upon analyzing every aspect of the ransom notes, I concluded they were written by a highly educated person which turned out to be Thomas Clayton Wolfe who deliberately left many clues to his identity.

    My research from the beginning stretched into 23 years ending with two books clearing Richard Hauptmann.