Fiske Guide to Colleges 2014: Beyond the Ivies

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Why do you have to pick one or the other?

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They both can be useful resources. I have not used Ruggs myself but as noted above Ruggs seems to be more department based and Fiske provides more of an overview of the university.

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Parent replies 8 threads Registered User Member. I prefer "The Best Colleges" edition. Going to be honest, I have found Rugg's to be of limited value. The lists honestly often don't seem right to me based on having visited and looked at some of the departments they are evaluating. You can ask the department where past students have ended up, too. Another vote for Princeton Review's "The Best Colleges", but I agree that there's no need to limit yourself to one opinion, particularly once you've narrowed down your list a bit.

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I checked Ruggs out of the library and didn't like it at all. Ruggs was useful for identifying places that offered Happykid's less common major. She didn't need anything touchy-feely, just a list. The Insiders Guide used to be wonderful.

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But it badly needs updating. Ruggs was very valuable because DS wanted to find colleges that had both superior Music and Geology programs. The back of Ruggs has a list of colleges, in alphabetical order, specifying both the majors offered and the SAT scores of accepted students. The complete book of colleges is pointless nowadays since we have the internet I agree Fiske or Princeton Review's Best Colleges would be best. PR's Best really is updated frequently and with student comments and it's easy to use.

Fiske is more thorough. Then borrow the above at the library. Hanna replies 42 threads Registered User Senior Member. Fiske is the gold standard for me. Rugg's lists seem bogus to me, and therefore worse than nothing at all.

It is a comprehensive compilation of the best colleges for hundreds of majors and a great tool for some students. Re 18, the best-colleges-for-certain-majors lists in that source seem to have been compiled without meaningful, disciplined analysis. That's my more carefully worded assessment in response to the OP's inquiry; The original comment in post 17 was not intended as a reaction to the viewpoint you expressed earlier in the thread.

While my stay there was short — just two years until I could snag my associates degree — it was memorable. When I was looking for schools , my top priorities were proximity, price and degree offerings, among other minor considerations. And along the consideration of price, I also wanted a school that could offer me a scholarship.

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Because the truth is, everyone has their own opinion about what makes one college better than another. They study a little bit, take the test, and then apply to the schools where their scores are deemed acceptable. However, the world of college admissions is changing and these tests might not hold as much sway in the future. This means that students do not have to take these standardized tests in order to be accepted. The SAT and ACT were originally designed to create a bell-curve distribution of test scores, but opponents say that this does not prove the tests are fair.

Instead, they say that the tests would be fair if students could study for them in a similar way that students can study for other tests, such as AP and IB exams. News recently released their lists of the top colleges in the USA.

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One of the lists that they released focused solely on Liberal Arts Colleges. So how did U. News determine what makes an excellent liberal arts school? The scores are based partially on the quality of the education that students receive at the institutions and the financial burden families must take on in order to offer this education to their students.

Fiske Guide to Colleges 2014

All schools that are regionally accredited and for-profit institutions are considered for this honor if they have respond to the statistical survey that U. News sends out each year.

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  • The results are in, and Williams College has been ranked the number one college in America by Forbes. Williams College. Princeton University. Planning on attending a liberal arts college? Then plan on shelling out some hard cash.

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    With that said, liberal colleges have proven to be a great educational investment. Sure, most year-old boys are not really going to say things like Bieber sings. Neither are they really thinking about pursuing a college education, but once again, Bieber is an exception. Instead of playing video games while he is on tour, Bieber studies, according to People. We help students find reviews on colleges, get help with student loan refinancing and other resourceful content to help students.

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